what cube should I get

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2022.01.19 10:49 UnimportantWasTaken what cube should I get

my previous main was a QiYi ms, but the pieces got crushed due to me putting it in my backpack. What cube should I get as my main? My budget is 15 SGD
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2022.01.19 10:49 17fantasies [jobs]: being left out in the workplace?

ahhh so basically, i’ve recently found a part time job (keeping its name confidential) but its an f&b cafe restaurant job and the job scope is basically service crew (to serve drinks, food, ensure the cafe runs smoothly etc). honestly the boss himself is pretty caring towards his employee’s well being and the pay is good (12/hr) but the only issue is on the managers and sometimes my colleagues.
so on my first few days at work, some issues already started surfacing, like getting scolded right in front of the customers by managers for not knowing what to do (like hello im new tf you expect me to know everything that’s happening like a full time employee????) and getting bossed around for being new.
and if that isn’t the worst, majority of the people i’m working with are actually around the same age as me (16-25) and most of them have already formed friend groups since they’ve been working for ideally a few months and known each other for quite a while i presume? they’ll gossip a lot during work and whenever i try being casual and joining their convos i either get ignored or be the one who ends their convo on an awkward note 🥲🥲
so i’ve been thinking it all through and i have absolutely no idea whether it’s just me who’s being too sensitive or do they really not like me because of my character? just for context i’m actually an extrovert but i’ll only be talkative when i feel accepted in where i’m located at (which means i’ll always be super quiet at the start unless i’m actually comfortable with you) 🤡
as of now im actually deciding to quit by the end of the month if i still cant get along well with the rest 😭😭 should i let time tell eventually??? if anyone has been in the same situation please provide some tips or advice bc i’m really unsure if i’d still continue or not 🤨 your comments are much appreciated and thank you for reading! 🥰
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2022.01.19 10:49 Enough_Ad001 Free NFT 🔥🔥Upvote and check comment

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2022.01.19 10:49 pm_boob_pic_for_rate What are 2 songs that are completely different from each other, but feature on the same album?

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2022.01.19 10:49 MadWanderlustRiver Aggressive scouting question: Under what circumstances and approach is it possible to take the E1 bush from the southern spawn early?

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2022.01.19 10:49 OliverPrezibela 👽

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2022.01.19 10:49 TaxVaxEvasion What are the odds of this happening in assault god reroll phase? Need a math/stats guy LOL

We rerolled Mercury and Nemesis, and gotten Bakasura and something good that we kept
rerolled Bakasura, got Mercury again ?
then we rerolled something and got Nemesis again as well!
what are the statistic odds for this?
Any more absurd situations like this that you've witnessed with the RNG?
How would you feel like if rerolled gods would be gone forever from your pool?
Also, subquestion:
Why are cupid, horus and olorun still counted as healers? :)

No, this isn't "Personal problems" thread, you can stop deleting it.
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2022.01.19 10:49 Crocs706 Best 3,200 dust spent

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2022.01.19 10:49 pUyShU Italy's High Court: Loud Toilet Flush Is Violation Of Human Rights

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2022.01.19 10:49 Somanythrowawayacc5 Was playing cp2077 and:

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2022.01.19 10:49 NFTs_suck_balls r/Edmonton users be like

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2022.01.19 10:49 chaosgiantmemes I'd say it rivals one winged angel in terms of epicness.

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2022.01.19 10:49 enesdemirel I need android 10

Hey guys, how can i find android 10 files? My phone battery is not really optimized with both 11 and cause of it i need android 10.
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2022.01.19 10:49 niuz-bot Peste 360 de milioane de creștini, grav persecutați în 2021 - ONG / Care sunt țările care îi ucid sau îi tratează cel mai rău - [Actualitate][Internațional]

Peste 360 de milioane de creștini au fost "grav persecutați și discriminați" din cauza credinței lor la nivel mondial în 2021, iar Afganistanul este cea mai rea țară pentru creștini, potrivit unui raport al ONG-ului Open Doors publicat miercuri și preluat de AFP.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-international-25311349-peste-360-milioane-crestini-grav-persecutati-2021-ong-care-sunt-tarile-care-ucid-sau-trateaza-cel-mai-rau.htm
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2022.01.19 10:49 Mangobutterr Aldebaran and Spica suit issues. Does the "fix" button actually work? (more in comments)

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2022.01.19 10:49 sendYouToGulag Extremely rare close-up picture of a Western Crowned Pigeon, taken at Singapore Jurong Bird Park

Rare Close-up Picture of a Western Crowned Pigeon here:
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2022.01.19 10:49 Dangerous-Fan-7225 Trading my dokkan For Dragon Ball Legends with ultra gogeta doesn’t have to be stacked but can’t be to weak either

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2022.01.19 10:49 Plenty_Dot_8350 Any idea who she is?

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2022.01.19 10:49 Ktmhocks37 Do gas logs throw enough heat?

Was thinking about adding gas logs to my prefab fireplace. Gas line is already in there. Problem is the companies that install them tell me 90% of the heat from them go straight up the chimney and they don't really heat your home. I'm not interested in a ventless log set. I swear my grandma's old vented log set heated her house a ton. I read another person on here say after 20 minutes their living room was so hot they had to shut it off. So which is it? Really just want a nice looking gas log set that we can run a few hours a day during the winter but I want it to help heat the room.
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2022.01.19 10:49 stichd Adult life is not that hard or lonely and managing time around a full time job isn’t hard either

I saw a post on here this morning saying that adulting is lonely and hard and it seemed to not be unpopular at all. As I was reading through I didn’t agree with any of it. My normal day is wake up at 6:30, leave for work around 7:30, get to work by 8, work until 4:30, head home and then change and go to the gym from around 5 to 7, get home and cook dinner and do whatever chores I have to do at my apartment, then I watch TV, play video games, or hang out with friends until it’s time for bed then do it all again.
Nothing about this is hard for me. I feel like I have plenty of free time at the end of the night and sometimes even when i can just sit and watch TV I feel like I should be doing something more productive. The days fly by and all the sudden it’s the weekend again and I get to travel or go out with friends, or sometimes just hang out and watch sports or play video games.
If you are complaining about your busy life and have a dog that was your choice. If you have kids (unless there were uncalled for circumstances) it was your choice. If you don’t have the energy and lay on the couch after work every day on your phone for 3 hours and waste the night, then also that is your choice. If you don’t reach out to any friends or family and are lonely then that is your choice. I feel like you can’t complain about how much life sucks if you are busy because of your choices.
I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think adulting is hard and I sure have way more free time than I did in college. Granted I was a college athlete and was working on my sport or school for 12 hours a day, so maybe it is different for me, but just having work and then free time and then having every weekend off is really easy and I don’t know why everyone complains
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2022.01.19 10:49 Tomatillo-Better me_irl

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2022.01.19 10:49 Heyksw7 Messed up my Sem 1 marks

Im prolly gonna end with somewhere around 70 - 80 average in ENG4U and MHF4U. Im an immigrant and i was aware of english marks being trash but functions this year caught me by suprise. In gr 11, i had 96&86 respectively for maths courses. By the time I realized for function it got too late. Idk what to do since i blew my opportunity of good university 😢
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2022.01.19 10:49 Previous_Duty_6267 ......

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2022.01.19 10:49 UltimateTraders 1/19/2022 Daily Plays, Definitely a rough day yesterday, unfortunately I dont have confidence in any bounces, earnings coming are mediocre, SOFI issued bank charter at least, BBIG was near 6? For me to trade cash cow, PUTS on MELI, FRPT, BA, now DWAC, CALLS on JEF SCVL MRNA, shares of BBD, IVR, NYMT

Good morning everyone. I wish I could tell you all it is going to end. I wish I could tell you all a date and a time. I wish I could tell you this is the bottom for SQ, PYPL or SOFI, CPNG… Luckily SOFI had great news, I had traded calls weeks ago. Unfortunately the earnings that were out yesterday and today have been mediocre. Not bad, not good, slightly above estimates which is not what we expect when the valuations are high. Recall that last year the earnings beats were huge, it did have a lot to do with analysts revising down estimates because of Covid. It was a perfect setup for record highs. Easy money, easy estimates, commission free, retail incoming big time to inflate stocks. The only way we can offset rate rises are huge earnings beats. I don’t mean you beat bottom line like MS and then miss top line. I mean crush both badly! Compare the beat this time last year to expectations. To be honest not even the WFC numbers were impressive. They were better than the rest but the rest missed on top or bottom… and these are financials that usually beat! What about NFLX, AAPL, AMZN, FB. They missed last quarter! That was a huge sign as well… but I saw speculation going crazy, NFTs, people buying property in the metaverse… There used to be a saying when I was a kid, that if your shoe shinesman or barber starts giving you stock tips it is time to sell! Ask the people that have been in this long, that was the saying… That is because FOMO, that is because generally retail knows nothing about the market…. Yesterday was the first time a big famous money manager actually acknowledged my tweets and responded. She is on CNBC all the time, her name is Karen Finerman. I tag them all especially if they say something about a stock. It was about BA… I actually wanted to attack Bernstein as once again they upgraded BA and do this constantly as I see their history with the company and sure they have interests. I hope to find their twitter if they are on… She was stating in a very light way that retail is pretty much clueless and bond investors have a better idea… I did respond on BA debt which ballooned by 40 billion since covid [they have no means to pay it], that they are honored low coupon rates because of performance before Covid not after…. With rising rates and their 90 billion debt, when they lose money and have negative cash flow, they are not in a good position…..Little by little I tag people and sooner or later some important people will follow the tickers.
MSFT is buying ATVI for 95 a share, 68 billion and assuming debt near 12 billion, ATVI is a cash cow and money machine. They had a PE ratio of under 20 and have positive cash flows…. So why would FB buy RBLX for 100 a share or 60 billion. ATVI has sales of near 10 billion a year and delivers near 4 dollars profits per share…. RBLX has barely 1 billion and loses…. This comparison is so that you can see value in the stock you are long, whether it be RBLX, DKNG, PTON, PYPL, SQ… Who is its competitor? How is it priced in comparison, is it growing faster? Making more money? If not why is it worth much more? Why on earth is FUBO a 2 billion dollar company? What are their sales? How much money do they lose? Has that gotten better or worse in their time? I had so many questions on WISH, LMND, those companies are billion dollar companies with little to no sales, decline in sales growth and are losing money. What is to prevent it from falling? If you yourself can not see value, imagine a large company like FB or MSFT or large firm that has even more info.. if your company does not have sales, does not make money, can not add value to a larger shark there is nothing to prevent it from falling.. I am speculating on WTRH but it is a 75 million dollar company with sales over a 100 million and isn’t losing money, this is not a billion dollar company trading at 10x sales! EZGO is valued at under 20 million will have earnings by the 31st and I expect full year sales over 30 million and possibly a profit… There should be a reason you are speculating. How can you speculate on a company worth 1 billion with 100 million sales and then on top of that, the 100 million in sales results in a loss of 75 million… What is the likelihood that within the next 18 months this will be profitable. If a big buyer buys out this company the street says it is a billion, why would they pay 1 billion for a company losing money with no sales… only if this company has valuable proprietary info that it can not develop on its own.. In the case of RBLX I believe that is possible. However, anyone in the metaverse is a software company already and I do not see them spending 60-100 billion for their software.. I do believe it can be attractive but maybe at 30-40 a share, do you want that? MSFT paid 68 billion for ATVI! MSFT paid 2.5 billion for Minecraft. FB paid 4 billion for Oculus….. Why is PYPL cheap still? Does it deserve to be a 210 billion dollar company? Remember for me I do not want to pay 60x unless it is growing at 40% or more year over year. What is PYPL growth? Is PYPL making 3.5 billion a year…. That is 60x earnings…..What if it isn’t growing at 40% and growing at 20%... Then I give it a lower multiple another factor just as important is market sentiment… Are people bidding up speculation, is money flying everywhere? If not you want to buy the dips on a high flier and go against the market? ….
So I am only trading shares of money makers, cash cows, companies that have an ability to do something if the stock hits the fan.. Something that if it gets cheap it is attractive for a big shark for a buyout or a large investment from a firm. Without these qualities there is nothing, nothing! To call a bottom! Remember I said months ago that TSLA bottom is 250-300 that has not changed.. Remember months ago I said this would happen to ARKK, she is now down 60% off the highs and is at her lowest in 18 months… In the 90s I had INSP Infospace and it was as high as 1,320 a share!!! It went bankrupt! It was near 100 billion and no one in the 90s would have believed theyd go bankrupt…. So be careful out there, if you buy the dips know the risk.. You can win big if you are right but are you willing to lose more if you are wrong?.... Me, I will pay more for it later on when the coast is clear when I at least know green candles and positive sentiment and I will trade safely until then….. and as I said with rates rising the only way to have the market come back is with amazing earnings, not good, amazing! So far we have had a few days and they have been mediocre. Thank goodness they have not been bad, they have been on a scale from 1-100 a 70.. so just passing. Last year with low expectations they were 99!!!! 3rd best since the 80s tracking!
Hot money be careful.
BBIG – Grenade, retail has chosen this one for the last week
BKKT – Grenade news
DWAC – Grenade, its been hot, I do have puts February 18
GMDA – Grenade, news
GOCO – Runner, not sure why
RADA – Unshortable, revise up, I did want calls weeks ago…
RELI – Grenade, short thesis
SBEV – Grenade has been hot for weeks on and off
SBSW – Unshortable
SOFI – Runner, bank news
VALE – Unshortable, metals moving up, SBSW
VINE – Grenade, retail has been playing this
YNDX – Runner, no news
The contents of this post are for information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. ... By choosing to make a trade you are responsible for your own actions. Please do some due diligence. These are trades I am making and you can follow along. If you make a winning trade, I do not even expect a bravo or thanks but that’s fine, if you lose on a trade the same difference.. I do not even expect an upvote or reward… The Elite team is aware of the risks and volatility in the market.
Good luck everyone let’s make money. Share trades, ideas here during trading hours. Our main goal here is to make money so I hope we can help eachother. I will be in and out of here as well.
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2022.01.19 10:49 almighty_shakshuka Northern cardinals seem to glow on snowy days

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