4K, Walking through old-growth forest Tenerife, Canary Islands with the sound of the wind, ASMR

2022.01.19 10:50 OkRaisin9233 4K, Walking through old-growth forest Tenerife, Canary Islands with the sound of the wind, ASMR

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[ON-RELEASE Variant 2/4] ERGYOROI #056 Basan The Ghost-Fire Rooster [Rarity:UNCOMMON] now LIVE at Ergo Auction House! https://ergyoroi.com/#ERGYODEX #ERGYOROI #ERGO #ERG #ergonaut #ergonauts #NFT #NFTs #ENFT #ENFTs | #NFTCommunity #NFTartist #NFTcollectibles $ERG @ergoplatformorg submitted by No_Translator_9984 to ErgoNFTs [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 10:50 kutas317 What is the benefit for Cipsoft for keeping dominandos intact?

As question says, I tried to figure out the maths or reasoning behind allowing dominandos to do what they do. Toxic guilds with high level people and fundamented rules, structure and hierarchy dedicated to ruin less dedicated players' experience have driven away many of my friends from the game, as well as dozens if not hundreds other casual people according to forums and reddit. Each of these players who have given up on the game for this reason at the very least would be paying for premium regularly but possible could be purchasing some more tc for what ever use.
Since we know most of cipsoft's decisions are financially driven, my question stands, does the profits or benefits from leaving dominandos absolutely free to do whatever they want outweigh the lost potential profits that could be gained from higher average population that would not have left if not for these toxic guilds?
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2022.01.19 10:50 BroMandi [Amazon] Halloween (2018) (4K UHD Digital Film) $4.99 via Amazon Prime [Deal Price: $4.99]

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2022.01.19 10:50 SkywaySpamsL2 After years of wanting one and missing out on one at a fair price several times, i finally got one… for £85 steal.

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2022.01.19 10:50 TheOmniverse_ The DEEPEST Clash Royale Iceberg Explained! (Secrets, Theories, Lore)

This is the script of a video I worked on from July to October 2021. The YouTube video is over an hour long and has 15k views right now.
I thought that I should share the video with you guys, but I didn’t want to break the self-promotion rule. Instead, I would share it in text form!
I poured my heart and soul into this, and this doesn’t even include the months of editing I had to do!
I took the liberty of removing Level 1 to comply with the 40000 character limit. You guys probably knew about them anyway. (Mini pekka says pancakes, Nerf Royal Giant, Positive Elixir Trades, Clash-a-rama etc)
Trust me, the theories in level 6 will change your perception of this game.
Here we go….
The Omniverse presents: The DEEPEST Clash Royale Iceberg Explained (in text form)
This is possibly the best video about Clash Royale. A lot of people don’t know about the dark secrets that this game contains within, and today, I am here to expose them. People have tried in the past to make Clash Royale icebergs, but they have all failed in uncovering the truly deep secrets that this immersive game has to offer.
Please stick around to the end. Mark my words, you will not regret it.
By the end of this video, we will uncover every secret Clash Royale has to offer, discover and expand upon the lore, and have a fun time doing it.
Without further ado, let’s get started. It’s going to be a wild ride.
{Level 1: Blue Skies}
RIP Reddit’s 40000 character limit :(
{Level 2: The Tip of The Iceberg}
{The Miner Doesn’t Mine, 8 crowns}
When a miner is deployed, you can make him burrow underground to any spot on the arena. However, he quote on quote mines much faster than any other troop in the game, including his own walking speed. Hell, he literally goes faster than a drill. Even if he was mining insanely quickly, he wouldn’t be going faster than when he was just walking. We can conclude that the miner isn’t actually mining and more likely taking a minecart.
{Knights and Barbarians are Cousins}
A little-known fact is that knights and barbarians are cousins. This was explicitly stated in the knight’s description.
{250000 gem tournaments}
When tournaments were first introduced, you could start one for 250,000 gems. Buying that many gems would cost almost 2000 dollars.
Winning one of these tournaments would give you a chest that has (whispers “You may want to take a seat for this”)
Roughly 100000 coins, 12000 commons, 2800 rares, 500 epics, and 15 legendaries. That is just stupid levels of insanity.
However, these were soon removed and replaced with a tourney that cost 10000 gems and gave a heavily nerfed chest.
{Four Wooden Chests}
Now to go from the best chest to the worst chest. On an account, you can only get four wooden chests, which are obtained in training camp. You can theoretically get an infinite amount of every other chest, making the worst chest the rarest.
{Battle Taxes}
Back in the old days, you had to pay a small fee of gold when you started a battle. This was removed, but from then on you got less gold from chests.
{Knight: Good stats for the cost}
A running gag in the clash Royale community is that the knight has good stats for its 3 elixir cost. It’s like all anarchychess jokes. It doesn’t seem funny until you’re actually in that community.
{No Legendary Building}
There is no building in Clash Royale that is of the legendary rarity. Fan concepts have been made about how to implement a card like this, but it’s not looking like we’re going to get one anytime soon.
{Season 8}
Season 8 of Pass Royale was one of the most hated due to it basically being a copy of Season 3.
They couldn’t even come up with unique names. Season 3 is named Be Legendary. Season 8 is called Return to Legendary.
{Night witch and witch are sisters, 8 crowns}
In an episode of Clash-a-rama called Clone Alone, it is stated by the Archer Queen that the witch and night witch are sisters. They had a falling out after the night witch stole the witch’s best friend, and ever since they hated each other. The archer queen wanted to reconcile them.
{Mother Witch isn’t a mother, 3 crowns}
Expanding on the Witch family, the mother witch doesn’t spawn troops unlike the Witch and Night Witch. The Mother Witch instead curses troops and upon death, they turn to hogs. Because of this, it was theorized that the Mother Witch, despite her name, isn't a mother.
However, a more likely theory is that the Mother Witch is the Witch’s and Night Witch’s mom, as she looks much older than those two.
{13 Skeletons}
There are 13 cards that are associated with skeletons, including skeletons, skeleton army, tombstone, graveyard, giant skeleton, bomber, guards, skeleton barrel, bomb tower, skeleton dragons, balloon, wall breakers, and the witch.
You can play against bots in Clash Royale. This basically means a free win, since they place down like one musketeer the entire game. My record for fastest win was 17 seconds in which I played against a bot.
There’s a really easy way to play against bots. I’ll tell you how to do it, but use it at your own risk. Using this method is knowingly using an exploit, which are grounds for a ban. Don’t use this to trophy push. Ok?
When you press battle to enter a match, if it says “Estimated Time” press cancel. Repeat until it places you into a match without saying “estimated time”. You’re probably going to be placed against the bot. For some reason, this method stops working after you reach arena 12.
Bots have a generic name like “Chris” or “Susan” and aren’t in a clan.
I think that bots in a 1v1 match shouldn’t exist, and they were probably just added to increase player counts to make Supercell look good.
{Pekka is female/Mini Pekka is male}
Even though the two pekkas look and sound like robots, it’s been confirmed they have genders through loading screen hints. It is also explicitly stated in clash a Rama. Take a listen. The pekka is female and the mini pekka is male.
In clash royale youtube comment sections we can see people arguing about the gender of the two pekkas and whether a robot can even have a gender. It’s honestly hilarious.
The fact that they do have genders begs the question- are they robots in the first place? We’ll get to this as we dive deeper.
{Mega Minions are Robots, 4 crowns}
When the Mega Minion is flying, you can hear a robotic whir that sounds like machinery. It could’ve been created by the builders to be a better version of the Minion. However, in the Mega Minion’s description, it never says that it is a robot and rather it is an armored minion, so I doubt this is true. Still possible though.
{Sparky is sentient, 7 crowns}
A loading screen states that calling Sparky a trash can on wheels hurts her feelings. Sparky isn’t even a robot. It’s a machine, but it still apparently has emotions. In the Clash universe, have the builders figured out how to create advanced artificial intelligence and that’s why robots and machines have actual consciousness? Who knows.
However, this could be a joke as the community’s nickname for the Sparky is trash can on wheels, so it could just be an allusion to that and not indicative to the lore.
{Fight Against AIDS promotion}
At the end of 2016, Clash Royale partnered with RED to offer a 5 dollar deal ingame that gave you an exclusive tower skin until December 6 and 500 gems. 100% of the proceeds went to RED.
This is just a cool and helpful promotion in Clash Royale.
{Lvl 1 Players}
There are a lot of people who try progressing as far as possible while staying king level 1. This is much harder than it looks as staying at level 1 means upgrading almost nothing.
There are people in the legendary arena that have towers frail as hay and have mostly level 1 cards. That is actually insanely impressive.
The world record at the time of scripting is 6274 trophies, achieved by Blueprint smiley face. Props to him!
{Clash Royale is the same universe of Clash of Clans, 10 crowns}
Due to the two having the same characters, being centered around fighting, and even having clash in the name, they are probably one and the same.
While I don’t consider Clash-a-rama to be canon in the Clash universe, the Clash Royale arenas are literally right next to the villages.
There is tons of evidence supporting this, which we’ll get to, but I’ll mention the best-known one in the next entry.
{Mega Knight was the Builder, 8 crowns}
The builder from Clash of Clans went on vacation in the summer of 2017. Coincidentally, the mega knight was also released in the summer of 2017.
The builder and mega knight also have the same eyes, which is highlighted by this image.
The theory goes that the builder was mad. People weren’t taking his job seriously and were making fun of home. He decided he would have no more of this. He would fight, and he would be the best at it. He used his building skills to build a huge suit of armor and used it to fight as the mega knight.
However, in some promo art for the mega knight, it is shown having different eyebrows than the builder. Also, the description of the mega knight states, “He lands with the force of one thousand mustaches”. The builder doesn’t have a mustache.
Honestly, there is a lot of evidence for and against this theory, but I’m leaning towards it being true.
{Level 3: Shallow Waters}
{Scrapped Cards}
In a presentation, Supercell revealed cards that were considered to be added to the game but were scrapped. Including…
Charger- It wore a helmet, and while it was on, it would have a long range “dash” attack. When their helmet broke, they would attack by punching normally.
Portal- You could pick an entry point, and if troops entered it, they would be teleported to the other side of the arena. Yeah… I see why this wasn’t added into the game.
Gunner- The gunner looked like a prince, but instead of using a lance, he used a gun.
Hologram Tower- This was a building that was a look-alike tower. Enemies would think it was a tower, but it wasn’t. This could’ve been op, but I think it would’ve been really cool.
Barbarian Launcher- This was a cannon that shot barbarians. This would’ve been pretty cool, but it wasn’t added because Supercell thought it was boring.
Ice Wizard Tower- This was a tower that had an ice wizard that shot freezing beams. This was replaced with the bomb tower because it slowed down the pacing of the game when it literally froze everything.
Gift- This gives you a random card, similar to the move Metronome in Pokemon. This would’ve rocked the meta, but it was scrapped.
Mega Pekka- There is a mega pekka in clash of clans, and supercell wanted to add it to clash royale as well. There were 3 concepts for this.
Infinite damage, but extremely low health A carrying tank for a mini pekka. A pekka that wouldn’t get distracted
Even if they were 9 elixir, they would be really op.
Bear Trap- It would probably capture an enemy that got to close and did a bunch of damage before letting it go. This is really unique as it’s the only trap in clash royale, but sadly it never got added.
Chain Tesla- A tesla that did chained attacks, similar to an electro dragon’s attacks.
Wolf Rider- The predecessor to the Ram Rider. It was basically an archer on a wolf.
Butterfly Swarm- This would distract all enemy troops, winning you precious time to defend or attack without any intervention. This would’ve been really fun to use, but of course it was scrapped.
Dark Mirror- This is like a mirror, but instead of mirroring your last card, it would mirror the opponent’s last card. This wasn’t added because the devs were having a hard time coding it.
Trojan Horse- A giant stone horse would roll across the arena, and once at a tower would spawn troops. This is similar to the battle ram, but much cooler.
Dragon- There’s a baby dragon, skeleton dragon, inferno dragon and electro dragon. Why isn’t there a normal dragon? Well, when coding it into the game, it was too big and didn’t look right. They ended up just going with the design of the baby dragon.
{Valkyries are Scammers, 2 crowns}
In Clash-a-rama, Valkyries are shown doing… questionable financial decisions. Like in the episode named “Pork-tergeist”, Valerie the Valkyrie is a famous businesswoman, and has a bit of a cult following. She said quote,”When I saw your success, I knew you’d try to take us over, because that’s the kind of thing I would do!” when the owner of a competing business tried to go to war and destroy Valeries hut depot.
Also, in an episode called “Donny and the Spell Factory, a Valkyrie is shown running one of those spin the wheel things you see at a carnival. The sign says, “Everyone wins a prize!” However, there's a fine print that says “Not everyone will win a prize”. Deceptive marketing at its finest.
While these are probably jokes, the fact that they are both Valkyries can’t be a coincidence. They do give off the stuck-up high school girl vibe, but it’s unlikely she’s a scammer.
{Clash Royale Anime}
On December 8, 2017, Supercell released a thirty second video that was Clash Royale as an anime intro. It’s honestly really cool. Have a look.
{The Firecracker Was an Archer, 9 crowns}
The firecracker looks very similar to the archer, has the same amount of HP, and the firecracker's description reads,”Shoots a firework that explodes on impact, damaging the target and showering anything behind it with sparks. This is what happens when Archers get bored!”
Based on all of this, we can conclude that the firecracker was an archer that wanted to pursue something more… explosive. (whispers “Pun fully intended”)
{Spell Valley crystals Make Rage Spell, 8 crowns}
When playing a rage battle, it takes place in the Spell Valley arena. The spell valley crystals share the same pinkish color as the Rage Spell. Due to this, the Spell Valley crystals might be a key ingredient for creating the rage spell.
Something small that could disprove this theory is that in a Clash-a-rama episode, it shows how the rage spell is made. It is basically a normal spell, and then someone goes and trash talks it, making it mad. This is definitely a joke, making the crystal rage theory likely.
{Gem Rush}
In 2018, there was once an event called “Gem Rush”, similar to the “Gold Rush” and “Crown Rush” we have today.
For your first tower destroyed, you get 5 gems, the second you get 10, and the king tower gave you 15.
This probably never came back because it’s not in the best financial interest to give away gems, a resource that is mainly gained by paying for them. Honestly, I would love to see this in the game because I really want to get 250 gems for an emote faster as a free to play player.
{Royal Recruits are Robots, 7 crowns}
At first, I thought this theory was a joke, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. The royal recruits can’t see. They literally have a barrel over their head, blocking their eyes. The royal hogs are similarly blinded. They could both be robots that have multiple sensors that allow it to traverse the arena, but in the case of the pigs, they could have olfactory abilities high enough in order to traverse the arena, but with the royal recruits, this is strictly impossible if they are normal humans.
We already have evidence through the pekka and sparky that the builders are able to create advanced robots, and the royal recruits could be robots that are meant to look like humans.
On a darker note, what if the royal recruits are the guards before they died? I just wanted to put that out there.
{Master builder is in the flying machine, 9 crowns}
In the description of the flying machine, it explicitly says that it was created by the master builder, and you can even see the parts of the machine on a pier in clash of clans, which the master builder will assemble.
However, this entry states that the master builder is actually inside the flying machine. In the art for the flying machine, you can see legs sticking out of the vehicle. Going out of the game, in the reveal trailer for the flying machine, the master builder is seen riding it in the sky.
{Mini Pekka is inside Pekka, 2 crowns}
In an episode of Clash-a-rama called clone alone, a good chunk of the episode takes place at a nightclub. Honestly, I’m really surprised that a kids TV show contains a nightclub and depicts what happens in them, but whatever. The mini pekka is the DJ, and he is shown operating his equipment inside the pekka. This was probably just a joke and not indicative to the lore.
{Builder’s Workshop was Training Camp, 6 crowns}
Builder’s Workshop is Arena 6 while the training camp is basically arena 0. The theory states that the training camp was turned into the builder’s workshop.
There is a tree in the top right corner of both arenas which was cut down in arena 6. There is a spare log in both arenas. There are arrows on the ground/walls of both arenas.
Zooming out of training camp in-game shows a large forest. The resources from the surrounding forest could’ve been used to construct all the wood that is used in creating the builder's workshop.
{The Bandit is a disguised Princess, 3 crowns}
In the Clash-a-rama musical, the princess disguises herself as a bandit because her father, the king, wouldn't follow her battle strategy.
Honestly I don’t have much to say here, it was probably just a one-time thing and the bandit is not a princess.
{Prince and Dark Prince ride the same breed of pony}
It’s stated on the official clash royale website that the prince and dark prince ride the same breed of pony. This was an obscure fact I just wanted to point out.
{Skeleton Dragons Know How to Play The Xylophone, 7 crowns}
The description of the skeleton dragons says “They also play a mean rib cage xylophone duet”.
In the famous music video “Spooky Scary Skeletons” a skeleton’s rib cage is used as a xylophone, and ever since, skeletons and xylophones have been associated. The skeleton dragons’ description is merely an allusion to this.
{Goblin Brawler is Shrek, 1 crown}
Just look at him. Don’t tell me that it doesn't look like Shrek.
In all seriousness, the Goblin Brawler is not Shrek.
{Level 4: The Depths}
{Witch is an abusive mother, 4 crowns}
In Clash-a-rama, the Witch is sometimes shown abusing her skeleton kids. At the beginning of a Clash-a-rama episode named How the other half Clashes, the witch is shown taking fingers from her son to make a spell. Also, in an episode called Lost in Donation, the witch whips a skeleton to make him go faster.
However, in other episodes, the witch is shown being supportive of her children. I think those two examples I mentioned earlier were just dark jokes.
{Pekka is not a robot, 8 crowns}
There it is. I’ve been hinting at this since the beginning, and I’m finally going to talk about it.
A loading screen hint says, “PEKKA: No one knows what’s behind that mask. Maybe even another mask.” This implies that the Pekka is not a robot, and someone is inside her.
The first theory is that the pekka is a mech and someone is inside controlling it. However, in an animation, she is shown chasing a butterfly using natural movements. This would be close to impossible to pull off when controlling a mech.
The second theory is that the pekka is just a woman in a heavy suit of armor, which is more plausible. Maybe she was an ordinary civilian but wanted to fight in Clash Royale. She got the builder to build her a massive armor suit and used a voice changer to disguise herself as a robot. Maybe the mini pekka is that woman's son who also wanted to fight, and the builder built him a protective suit as well. The son really liked pancakes, which is why he says pancakes upon spawning. This is more of a stretch, but the mini pekka says “I’m nine.” (plays sound) You know how little kids always like to say their age? Maybe that little boy is just saying his age when he attacks. The woman loved chasing butterflies, so she always does that when she has the chance.
We don’t really have any evidence for or against the second theory. It’s interesting, even if it’s false.
There is a third theory, but I believe it deserves its own entry, so look forward for that.
{Clash Royale is a Sport, 9 crowns}
What if the troops in Clash Royale are just playing a game? I thought of this while trying to come up with lore for a video, and I do think this is true. We can see evidence for this through spells like the rocket.
If the rocket was an actual rocket, it would blow up the arena. However, it only leaves a tiny crater that goes away after a few seconds. It’s probably not a rocket.
My theory is that Clash Royale is a game like laser tag, but more high-tech. The fireballs and rockets and everything that would be fatal are just holograms, but they decrease your quote on quote “HP”. Once your HP reaches zero, you must go back to your side of the arena, waiting for the team captain (who is you) to tell them to join the game again. There's a cost to notify them to join the game again in the form of elixir. You get one elixir every three seconds, and different troops have different elixir costs to rejoin the game.
We can see this in action in an animation. I’m not going to show the full thing because of spoilers for something we will cover later, but here’s the beginning.
You can see elite barbarians, a bandit, and a mini pekka waiting on a bench. If these troops were actually battling, this would make no sense, but based on my theory, it makes perfect sense. They’re just waiting to rejoin the game.
Honestly, this is the most intriguing theory so far. This has tons of evidence supporting it, and it’s most certainly true. We just have to wait for Supercell to give out more information.
{Kings kidnapped the troops and made them fight, 3 crowns}
In a commercial that only aired in one country, the king is shown taking troops from clash of clans and bringing them to the arena, showing them around. However, sometimes the king took troops against their will. When they were at the arena, they had no idea what they were doing. They literally fell into the river. This shows, at least at first, they probably didn’t want to fight.
{The Barrel Rickroll}
On April 1st, 2018, Clash Royale announced a new card on Twitter. It was called the barrel. It cost one elixir and did… nothing.
They had a link to watch gameplay of the barrel. When you clicked it, you were taken to a song that we all know too well.
This was actually a pretty funny April Fools joke. Well played, Supercell. Well played.
{Archer’s Hair Color}
According to Supercell, the Archer's hair isn’t naturally pink. Instead, they learnt to dye their hair on youtube. This might be a joke, but if it isn’t this raises so many questions. If youtube exists in the Clash universe, that means it takes place in a modern setting, unlike the medieval setting that is assumed. If Clash Royale takes place in the present, why do troops use swords and bows instead of guns? This ties into my theory of Clash Royale being a game and not a fight, and if it is true then this makes sense.
{Kings are wizards, 3 crowns}
In an early beta, the king tower was occupied by a wizard. That means that at one point, the wizard was the king.
In reality, the wizard was probably just used as a placeholder and it doesn’t mean anything.
{Elixir is blood, 4 crowns}
If elixir is blood, that raises the question, why are we generating it? Well, when a troop is defeated, elixir bursts out and is soaked into the ground. Maybe it’s transported back into the king tower for use.
Blood contains DNA in the nuclei of blood cells. Maybe an organism can be created by replicating this DNA into a troop. This process takes a couple of seconds, which explains the deployment time.
To be honest, this could be true, but I doubt it. I don’t think elixir has some lore behind it (barring CoC), and it’s simply a gameplay mechanic.
Plus, in clash a Rama, elixir basically replaces beer at bars. If it’s blood, then I don’t know what to say.
{The executioner hates being around people, 3 crowns}
In an episode of Clash-a-rama, the executioner is shown having social anxiety. He hates being around people and prefers staying at home all day with his parrot.
I don’t think this is true in the actual game, however.
{Where is Dark Elixir?}
Dark elixir is a resource in Clash of Clans used to obtain and upgrade troops that are of the hero class.
The heroes have always been speculated to come to Clash Royale, but they never did. Likewise, dark elixir never made it into Clash Royale. It’s the only main resource in Clash of Clans that isn’t in Clash Royale.
{Inferno Dragon is Armored Baby Dragon, 8 crowns}
The Inferno Dragon looks and sounds very similar to the baby dragon. The machine on the Inferno Dragon’s back probably turns the Baby Dragon’s fireball into a fire beam that charges up.
{E golem is an alien, 7 crowns}
In the reveal trailer for the elixir golem, it is seen coming out of a meteor that crash-landed onto the arena. The king was scared of it, implying he didn’t recognize the golem. He was also speaking in a foreign language that no one could understand. Because of this, it’s pretty likely the elixir golem is an alien.
{“Don’t Chew Double Trouble Gum While Running”}
A loading screen hint states,” Don’t chew Double Trouble Gum while running! Unless you’ve taken years of didgeridoo lessons.” I’ve always wondered if this was just a joke, but a little bit of research shows that this was a reference to the Dart Goblin. It’s description reads,”Runs fast, shoots far and chews gum. How does he blow darts with a mouth full of Double Trouble gum? Years of didgeridoo lessons.” This was just an obscure fact I wanted to point out.
{Level 5: The Abyss}
{Spirits are souls of wizards, 7 crowns}
There are fire, ice, and electro spirits. There are also fire, ice, and electro wizards. They both also have the same effect. An electro wizard’s attack is the same as an electro spirit’s attack. Maybe the spirits are inside the wizards and power their attacks.
You might say, “What about the Heal Spirit? There’s no heal wizard!”
Well, maybe the heal spirit powers the battle healer.
{Kings are literal gods, 3 crowns}
How can the king summon lightning from the sky at any time even though it’s sunny?
This is different from the electro wizard, who shoots electric beams from himself and is powered from an electro spirit. The king doesn't appear to have any special abilities.
The lightning example could be passed off as it being a hologram, like I mentioned earlier. However, something very dark you may want to consider is that the king might be mind-controlling troops and forcing them to fight against each other.
Maybe one day, the king in Clash of Clans badly lost a battle. He was so angry that he became insane.
After that, he found happiness in the suffering of others, so he forced troops to fight against each other. He’s the king. You can’t disobey his orders.
Something that gives this theory the tiniest scrap of merit is that troops seem to always walk blindly to other troops without caring about what’s happening around them. For instance, why wouldn’t a troop run away from a bomb?
Yes, this fact is probably just a gameplay mechanic to make the game more strategic, but in an ultra-lore mindset, you have to consider this.
And that’s how Clash Royale came to be. It’s just power hungry kings forcing troops to go into battle over and over again.
Yeah, I’m not even trying to hide the fact this is completely far-fetched. Trust me this isn’t a commentary on monarchy. Let’s move on.
{The Golem is a Slave, 4 crowns}
In the golem’s old design, he had a choker around his neck. I don’t think the golem is making any fashion statements, so this has led people to theorize that the golem was a slave for the king.
This probably isn’t true. I don’t think Supercell would add these dark undertones in a game meant for children.
{Graveyard summons dead troops from the ground, 8 crowns}
When troops die, you don’t see their skeletons. They have to go somewhere, so this means they might be absorbed into the ground. We can see that skeletons hang out underground before being called by their mother, the witch.
Maybe it brings the dead skeletons from troops that died before. This also explains why the graveyard can be placed anywhere, since troops die everywhere.
{The Pekka is the Queen, 3 crowns}
I would’ve included this in the pekka is not a robot entry, but this theory is particularly interesting. In Clash Royale, we never see the queen. We see the king, the princess, and the prince but not the queen. So where is she?
A theory that I’ve thought of is that the queen wanted to fight in Clash Royale, but she couldn’t for some reason. The queen really wanted to fight though, so she got the builder to build her armor that would make her look like a robot on the outside. And that’s how the pekka came to be.
Also, the prince could be the mini pekka. They both share the same strength of doing a lot of damage, and they share the same weakness of their slow hit speed making them weak against swarms. They fulfill the same role in a deck.
Also, the mini pekka used to be epic and the prince used to be rare. Now, the mini pekka is rare and the prince is epic. Their rarities were swapped.
They also both have a very unique quality: they create a hard hitting sound if their target does not die on attack, which if I’m not mistaken no other card has. Take a listen.
Also, the prince's two attacking speeds are medium and very fast. These average out to the mini pekka’s fast speed.
While there are a lot of similarities between the prince and mini pekka, the logistics aren’t there. Why would the prince want to disguise himself as the mini pekka? He already has a pony and a lance, and going on foot in a heavy suit of armor would be a severe downgrade.
{The log wants to kill the lumberjack, 8 crowns}
The log was created by the lumberjack.
The story goes that the lumberjack drinks the Rage potion to make him chop trees faster. However, one day, he spilled the Rage potion he carried onto a cut log. The lumberjack didn’t think anything of it and continued cutting trees. However, The Log became sentient from the Rage potion and watched the lumberjack basically murdering it’s family. Because of this, the log hates the lumberjack and wants to kill him. This is what the devs mean by “The lumberjack and the log go way back.”
{Kings don’t care about princesses, 4 crowns}
There’s one mechanic in Clash Royale that is probably just for gameplay, but in the context of the lore makes no sense.
The king doesn’t fire until it has been hurt or one of the princess towers was defeated.
Why wouldn’t the king protect his beloved princess when there's a cannon ready to defeat enemy troops available? It’s only after the princess tower is defeated that the king actually joins the fight.
If the theory about Clash Royale being a sport is true, then there’s an obvious explanation to this- it’s a rule to make the game more fun. Until the king tower is attacked or the princess tower is defeated, the king is not allowed to use his cannon.
So if that theory is true, then the kings aren’t neglecting their daughters, it’s just a rule in the sport.
{Level 6: The Void}
We have six more entries left in our journey down the iceberg. They are the deepest, darkest things I could find about Clash Royale.
{Clash Royale is a simulation, 4 crowns}
This is a twist on the sport theory. Why do all troops fall out of the sky when deployed. Maybe, troops from Clash of Clans are jumping into a simulation and fighting to the death there, and when they die in the simulation, they just get transported back to reality. Elixir might be the power source of the simulation, which is why you need elixir to modify it (aka sending troops into the simulation) Through elixir collectors, you get one every three seconds to use.
Also, what if Clash Royale is a simulation used to test out new weapons? That explains why there are a lot of troops in Royale that aren’t in clans. The king is just testing them out to see if they would be useful in battle.
A fact I mentioned earlier is that troops don’t seem to have any free will. They walk blindly towards each other. This is due to a limitation of coding on Supercells end. So if clash Royale is a simulation, this is actually canonically true.
In an animation for the battle ram, they crash in the background, revealing a simulation. This was referencing how Clash Royale is just code. So what if it actually is, in-universe?
This is very, very far-fetched but I don’t really see anything contradicting it.
{The Mini Pekka’s addiction, 8 crowns}
(unsettling music)
We all love pancakes. However, the mini pekka takes that love above and beyond.
In the animation I used to prove the sports theory, you can see a first person perspective of the mini pekka. Every troop looks like a pancake! When the mini pekka joined the battle, he was out of control at the thought of eating pancakes. He destroyed everyone in his path, and if there wasn’t a pancake filter on, it would’ve been rated R. The mini pekka alone defeated every troop on the battlefield and took out the crown tower. When he was coming back to the waiting area on his side of the arena, he was greeted as a hero and even an elite barbarian, who is probably the toughest guy in the world, toppled over when he came back. The mini pekka has so much power, I mean just look how much damage he does, and it’s all fueled by his pancake addiction. He is profoundly addicted to pancakes, so much that it alters his perception of reality. Maybe in the world of clash royale, pancakes are a hallucinogen. This is a tragic tale of a young boy, who is likely nine years old, who went on a downward spiral once he started eating pancakes. However, people weren’t helping him beat his addiction. On the battlefield, his addiction was a good thing, and he was encouraged when he returned from the arena a hero. Because of this, pancakes became an integral part of who he is, and he started seeing the world… as a pancake.
Yeah, that was hella dark. Moving on.
{Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are parallel universes, 6 crowns}
Clash of Clans and Clash Royale could be alternate realities. One piece of evidence is a twist on the builder mega knight theory. In the Clans universe, that person builds, but in the Royale universe, that person fights as the mega knight. The wall breakers I mentioned earlier wear an aviator cap in Clans, but this is absent in Royale. In clans, battles are decided through all-out wars. In royale, they are fought in little arenas. In clans, there are mega pekkas, heroes, and dark elixir, which are all absent in royale. The gist I’m getting at is that royale and clans are similar, but have many subtle differences, which is the definition of parallel universes.
In that animation about the king taking troops from Clash of Clans to Clash Royale, he could’ve been taking them to a wormhole that connects the clans universe to the royale universe. A lot of people trusted the king, so they went along with him taking them, but some of them were wary, and they were the ones taken without consent. After all, he’s the king. If there’s anything supernatural going on, he would probably know about it.
This theory makes sense, but it seems a bit extreme. If this was true, then props to Supercell for really hitting it home in the lore department.
{Clash Royale and OUR UNIVERSE are parallel universes, 6 crowns}
If the omniverse theory is correct, then every single universe possible exists. That means that Clash Royale actually exists as a universe. And considering there are infinite possibilities for universes, it’s a very big coincidence that Clash Royale is very similar to our universe.
Humans are in the Clash Royale universe, as well as monarchy. Also, real life countries exist in Clash Royale, such as Finland. This means that Cash Royale and our universe are parallel universes, IN REAL LIFE.
Thank me later for giving you nightmares today.
{Clash Royale is a brainwashing tool, 3 crowns}
If the theory about Clash Royale being a sport isn’t true, then it is more likely something resembling a gladiator fight, which can be considered inhumane. Yes, in clash of clans people fight and raid villages, but that is in the name of war. Having people die all the time for people’s enjoyment is cruel.
So when the kings erected Clash Royale arenas for people to enjoy people basically murdering each other, they obviously got some backlash.
And then the king got an idea. They could make people watch Clash Royale by brainwashing them.
Ok, so you’re probably wondering where I’m getting this from. In the overtime song, you can hear people screaming “We want more!” in the background. It’s easier to hear with headphones.
Now, why would they be yelling this? I’ve never seen anyone in a sports stadium yelling “we want more”! It’s only if people are somehow enthralled by watching this that they would do that.
{Every troop in Clash Royale is a Clone, 5 clones}
This is the deepest rabbit hole about Clash Royale. How do troops in Clash Royale get made? And more importantly, why does every single troop have equal strength? A level 9 knight always does 167 damage (that’s good stats for the cost), even though genetics tells us that there should be some variation.
So then, anyone over the age of 12 could tell you that this is asexual reporduction. But how? All non-robotic troops have a clear gender: male or female.
So what does Clash a rama have to say about this? Unsurprisingly, it makes things a lot more confusing.
In the show, characters are shown having cross-relationships, and they can have kids. But what will their kids be?!? Let me show you one example. I’m only showing you one so this entry isn’t an hour long but just know there’s a lot more.
So if an archer and executioner have a baby, what will the baby be? Is it random? Also, there’s one more problem.
WHere do troop barracks fit into this? I don’t play Clash of Clans but I think that they just spawn troops. This is also shown in Clash-a-rama.
So what is it? Are more troops made by sexual or asexual reproduction? Are they just.. produced?
You might call me crazy for coming up with these crackpot theories, but who’s to say they aren’t true? Clash Royale might seem like a simple game meant for children, but today’s journey has told us otherwise. No matter whether all of this is true or false, it is something to think about.
And that’s more important than any fact.
When I told my brother I was making an iceberg about Clash Royale, he laughed at me. He said that it’s just some mobile game. However, the fact that I was able to uncover so much hidden information after only playing the game for a month and a half at the time of scripting this says something about Clash Royale. On the surface it looks like there are no dark secrets about this game, but people who have dived deeper… know the truth.
This was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had writing a script. I was working non stop on it. If you came this far, thank you. This video start to finish took 4 months to make. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed. I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.
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2022.01.19 10:50 Fakebronco Criminal justice?

Anyone know of any remote jobs for a recently graduated CJ major? Currently working full-time but wife is thinking about travel nursing and I would like to find a remote job so that I can travel with her. I definitely want something somewhat related to my degree that won’t look weird on my resume whenever we do settle down and I am applying for a more permanent job.
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Genre: Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)
Nae:Tek & Deeperwalk - Mourning (Marcibagoly Rmx) / (Key Fm, BPM 120, Length 6:10)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=527746
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2022.01.19 10:50 Spirited_Custard_137 You know what I love about this project?

We are all screaming when Binance and when Coinbase? Those big exchanges make us beg on Twitter, play all kinds of mind games and list when they feel like it. Saitamask gives an opportunity for the small guy to get recognition and be listed. We are taking our power back. We might be small but all great things started small. I love the concept and I’m holding because I see the longterm vision.
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In having some issues with the plugging, could be my cards but maybe others have this problem as well.
Problem: I have 12 GPUs and 6 of them are constantly restarting doesn't matter which plugging I use, teamred miner, nano miner nb miner etc.
Also I checked the device manager and they are all connected.
Should I update the plugging manually?
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This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
Don’t you miss the goood old days of bsc? When projects could actually survive without a rewards contract selling and buying pressure not being able to keep up? When people actually HELD and had the patience to not dump for little profit. Come join us now!
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Heyy I’m Taylotaytay and I’m just super excited rn because I’ve accepted I’m trans and I’m a girl! Feel so happy but have no idea what to do next, are there any girls that can help me out? I wanna start right away 🥰
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It's your girl, TerrificTerror, coming at you looking for friends. You know, the kind of friend that will call you out on your bullshit but 'll have your back be your biggest critic and your biggest fan. A friend!
So, in stead of just telling you how awesome I am and what an amazing friend I would be, i'm going to switch it up and tell you all the horrible things about me first, because what are friends if they don't know the shitty things about you?
So, here goes!

Don't I sound like a great friend!? Despair not, random internet stranger, for there is much more to me!
So, why would you want to be my friend?
Some logistical information: - I am European. I am also a nightowl so don't mind different timezones as long as you can hang out with me and game, watch movies or whatever tickles our fancy that day. - I have 3 children. That means our conversations can and wil be interrupted from time to time. - I work from 8 30 AM to 8 30 PM, so my prime hanging out time is after 9PM. I am available to text during the day though.
So, what about you?
I don't particulary care about where you're from, but I do prefer people around my age or older, I am also looking for people who would enjoy spending an entire evening hanging out on voicecalls, playing games or watching movies. Obviously you're okay with everything listed above and i'd love it that if you decided to message, you tell me a little about yourself.
Hope to see those orange little envelopes come in. Talk soon!
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2022.01.19 10:50 pre-prejudiced Query regarding inward remittance of scholarship funds

Hi ! I'm an Indian citizen, currently pursuing my masters in a foreign University remotely from India due to covid. I was due to recieve a monthly stipend scholarship from my university post arrival in that country but given the border closure since 1.5+ years, the university has decided to remit the stipend due so far to me in India.
What would the purpose code for this inward remittance be ? P1107 ? The list of codes by RBI only seems to expect fees to indian institutions for foreign students as a possible inward remittance in the education category - which this is not. Please help !
Is there a cap on the amount I can recieve in a single transaction or overall - given that this is a scholarship for education and not income for work ? Are there any tax liabilities I should be aware of ? I would be the bearer of any transfer / transaction charges in this case and need to choose between my HDFC and AXIS bank accounts. Would appreciate guidance from someone who knows the specifics better. Thanks !
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